1. Killer Lease and Addendums

REF#Description & Lease Paragraph (¶ #)
(if applicable)
F1.01Killer LeaseEditable RTF
F1.02Move In/Move Out Inspection – RequiredHUD provided PDF
F1.03aLead Based Paint Disclosure-Req’d Pre 1978 (¶ 2)EPA Provided Brochure
F1.03spLead Based Paint Brochure-Req’d Pre 1978 (¶ 2)Spanish Version
F1.04Tenant Acknowledgment & FEE SCHEDULE (Charges and Fees on Lease) (¶4.2):Click to Download for edit
1.05Tenant Responsibilities and Prohibitions Addendum (¶7)
1.06(¶6.7) MOLD AND MILDEW