One of my hard rules of thumb is that I never supply appliances unless I absolutely have to.  

While I am serious about being in the rental real estate business, I am not in the appliance rental business.  I tell residents that they can go to EASY TV & STEREO and get a new stove and refrigerator delivered the same day.  

If you do make the mistake of renting a house with appliances in it, then you have taken on the responsibility of keeping the appliance in good repair.  And there is no faster way to spend money than trying to fix an old refrigerator.

If I truly have an opportunity to rent to a good resident and they press on appliances, I ask “Other than the stove and refrigerator, are you prepared to make an application right now?”  If they say yes, I tell them I can probably get them slightly used appliances for an additional $19 per month each.  Then I go to a used appliance store that offers a 60 day guarantee.  

I can usually get a good used fridge for about $300, and a clean stove for about the same.  At the end of one year, the appliance has mostly paid for itself. On a nicer house with a higher rent, I might go to a discount appliance seller like BrandSmart or Best Buy and buy low end new appliances. Always mention that you need “contractor pricing” and that you want “scratch & dent.”  

Either way, I make the new resident pay something each month for the appliances.